Who We Are

Content and Blog is a content marketing consultancy. We work with our clients to develop and fine tune their online communications strategy and serve in the areas of Websites, Blogs, PR, White Papers, Case Studies, Email and other Content Marketing disciplines.

Our conviction is that the combination of words, images, video and graphics work together to draw viewers in and converts the stroller to participant. And, community is the secret weapon to really gaining results. It is imperative to place the right instrument before the right musician at the exact right moment. The ability to make that happen is strategic and the right content is imperative for success.    

We have all heard the adage that “content is king”, and we are grateful that Google continues to make changes that emphasize shared content. But, we believe that this is just the start. Community is where content is consumed, and you must become an expert at building community.

To this end, we have found that companies are getting on the bandwagon for hiring content staff. Many execs are still learning the importance of content marketing strategy and because of this are hiring tactical staff. This puts a burden on the organization and stresses employees. This is why we founded Content U, our subscription and mentor service is designed specifically for those who need help building a content marketing strategy but have the ability to tactically deliver what the company desires. Content U will educate and train staff on how to deliver strategic results.  

Content and Blog was founded in 2009 and is led by Laura Stein. C&B is headquartered out of Denver with ground claimed from Atlanta to Miami to California to Sweden. We position ourselves as strategic and capable of delivering high end results. If you desire text only, check out Text Broker or Odes, those folks will get you what you need. If you want to see results, we have the proof that our approach delivers. 

Our market consists of small to large organizations in all verticals and geographic regions. This means you!

And, we enjoy strategic partnerships with Web Designers and Developers, Ad Agencies, Marketing Consultancies and Search Engine firms. 

Agencies love us!

Let us help you build your community today!