Building Better Demand

One of the most common goals people express in digital marketing is that they want to be known.

But, we believe that you need to be known by the RIGHT PEOPLE.

We see Demand Generation as the first step to the sales cycle and one that takes a little effort. Good demand can translate to great leads. When successful, you get volume. But, the volume in people raising their hands for your stuff must incorporate exactly the right person.

You wouldn’t want lots of teenagers hitting your site when you sell geriatric products. That’s the wrong traffic.

It’s is one thing for an SEO shop to use technical activity to drive all kinds of traffic to you. We believe in the role of SEO and value that discipline greatly. But, it is a totally different thing when the people who move from being aware of your products and services raise their hands and sit in the very job description or role of the person who actually buys your offerings.

  1. What if you could target the person by job title?
  2. What if you could get a bunch of those folks to visit you?
  3. What if you could better convert those ready to act now and nurture relationships with those just getting educated?

For B2B companies, you can.

We have been working on a new service that we call Content Targeting.

Our Content Targeting program uses a combination of publishing information that is in high-demand + building the audience of your buyer by job title, role, geography or other critical criteria.

We build the audience in LinkedIn, where we can focus on such criteria.

As we build out the audience, we create engagement with them either through broadcast publishing, one on one conversations or subscriptions on topical matters that provide the answers they seek.

The results?

One of our clients that piloted this program saw their traffic move from 416 visitors per month to 1,031 in four weeks (see the screenshot comparison below). And, what is amazing, is that they are exactly the people that this client wants to talk to.

Here are the shots from Google Analytics for the first 30 days with one of our clients. There was no other SEO or demand/lead generation program in place during this period.
Snapshot of web traffic the day that we brought on this client. You can see that they had a couple of spikes during the prior month and that traffic was waning. They were doing no SEO, no blogging, nothing on Social Media or anything that would be construed as digital marketing.  Session count hovered around 100.




Content and Blog launched its Content Targeting program by building the right target profile of buyer for their services and growing influence with them, one by one. We grew traffic on a consistent basis each week for the first month to the point that traffic grew 148%.

The key point is that we are building the right kind of traffic, which encompasses the very person that this client wants to sell to. We can tailor the traffic by job title, geographic location or other key criteria.

And, you can see that the quality of the traffic is improving. Note how Direct and Organic are the top two sources for their traffic. Session count blew by 500 and is approaching 1,000.


If you sell in the B2B space, we can help you build your traffic with the right people. And, we will create engagement programs so that you stay on top of their minds. When the time comes to make that buying decision, it is you that they will think about. 

Give us a call today to run a 30-day trial. No, it’s not free. But, it will move your needle.

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