Best Content for B2B Marketers

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard one of our B2B clients say, “In my industry people don’t do that.” when referring to prospects researching a company online before contacting a sales person. In every other are of business, your prospects are researching online before buying. Why would they not do this in their business pursuits as it pertains to you?

The truth is that they are. But, we still like proof.

4188668871_1cdca993dd_mEveryone likes numbers to back up their reasoning, so check this out.

Here is one of the primary reasons you should be investing in content: in a recent survey conducted by DemandGen Report, 45% of the survey respondents said they typically view three to five pieces of content before they talk with a salesperson. Twenty-two percent said they consume five to seven pieces of content before they engage with a sales rep.

What happens if they don’t find any content from your brand? We guess they are talking to the folks that published something.

But, you also have to publish something that is of true value. And, it turns out that most people aren’t interested in your sales collateral.

The other important consideration from the survey was the request for more fact-based information and less sales speak. It’s not surprising that case studies and white papers are high on the list of types of content that buyers are most interested in. It takes time to produce a worthy case study, but if you get a plan in place to quantify the right information from the start, it will get easier with each study.

This type of content is ideal for repurposing.

Case studies and white papers can be supported with snack-size content like blog posts or articles on LinkedIn. Hit the highlights and provide a link to the complete document. It doesn’t have to be long to be informative.

With 67% of the respondents on the survey saying that they are relying more on content now to support purchase decisions than they did a year ago, this is not an area of your marketing strategy to ignore.

If you struggle with putting together a content strategy and/or plan, we would be delighted to help.

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