But, All of My Business Comes from Referrals

Awesome! We hope that you have a ton of them.

But, content marketing is a hidden gem designed to help you nuke your business, even if you are a services firm.

How so? You might ask.

Well, consider these three points:

  1. People who get referred to you still may not know you. What will they do? Look you up. Research we call it. One of those great areas to show your stuff lies in your blog. Take our blog, for example. You can learn quite a bit about content marketing and how to write by reading our blog. In fact, you could learn enough to DIY your way past the goal line, and you will see results. Is it the most current stuff? No. Is it everything we know? Also no. But, it gives people a great place to learn more about us – well beyond the simple portfolio of work we have done before.
  2. Speaking of which… There is success in association. People often ask us about the spaces we work in and who we have worked with. They want to know that we have proven ourselves in their arena. We often use case studies to tell that story because there is power in the testimony. Be strategic with your stories. Span the industries you want to work in. Scale the business sizes, if you work with all kinds. Draw patterns, and give your audience a connecting point that shows you know their stuff and won’t be learning on their dime.
  3. The “SME Effect”. People want to know that you know your trade and are the resident expert and most qualified to help them. When you publish articles, blog posts and even social media activity, it gives a connecting point for your knowledge. We have been working hard to perfect this for B2B companies using LinkedIn. Many people spend time making all of these connections and building followers and never do a thing with it. Well, we have seen remarkable results by focusing on building contacts at the job description level and then publishing amazing articles that speak to the most pressing issues of the day that get in front of those very people. We talk about the stuff that they are most interested in. This gets read, and we see leads from it. As you publish articles, include a link that sends them to a landing page and further illustrate how you can benefit them. This will grow your conversions.

Want an example on where to send them from one of those great articles?

B2B Lead GenerationCheck out our B2B Lead Monster landing page. We publish articles on lead generation for B2B companies and drive them to this page. It could be an article published on LinkedIn or a Facebook post, etc. But, we send them here and track the results. It’s proven quite powerful.


So, how do you fare?

If not so well, give us a call at 720-334-7308