Content and Blog Gets a New Website

Content and Blog website

Content and Blog website

We constantly engage clients to help launch new websites. You know? it is a big process. There is so much that goes into it, and our hats are off to the web design and development community. A special thanks goes out to Matt Weeden of MWDWeb in Denver, who we consider among the best in web development.

The site is still in progress and probably will be perpetually. We are working on our new store and getting the Content Marketing Subscription programs going.

And, there is plenty of room to improve our design.

But, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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Content University Announced

Companies are hiring content marketers. Yes!

[dc]A[/dc]s you will find in the content of our own website, we are observing some trends and feel a great opportunity help the market.

graduation colo 2For a while now, Google has pressed content as a big deal when it comes to ranking. We look at content as the critical component to visibility and lead generation. But, a new problem is emerging. Many companies are not seeing content marketing as a strategic play. So, they are hiring more tactically and putting pressure on their employees to perform. We find this evident in many of the prospective clients that contact us for help.

This tells us that top leadership needs help in formulating content programs that match the business and marketing strategy.

To that end, Content and Blog is launching its Content University.

We are providing subscription and mentoring services to help companies who have content folks on board. We will assist with with strategy, content program development, writing with effectiveness and other critical programs on a monthly/subscription basis.

So, watch out for the programs to go live, and sign up!

And, if you want to offer up any comments or suggestions on areas where you feel you need help, we are all ears.

Startup Day 2014

[dc]Y[/dc]ay! to all of our startup clients, prospects, friends and other pioneers in the workplace. It takes a lot of guts to run your own gig. We pray for abundance and prosperity on each of you.

Tomorrow is Startup Day 2014 in America.

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Startups, Beware of Connect for Health Colorado

[dc]I[/dc]t’s awesome being an entrepreneur. You can do whatever you want in your own business. But, some days, it is not so great.

When you own your own company, healthcare can be a real expensive ordeal. And, we are not talking about premiums here. The incompetencies of the insurance companies and associated entities setup to administer this mess is a joke.

Consider the fact that one of our own has been dealing with getting coverage, having coverage dropped, making 10,000 calls to people who are too scared to give you their last name (I can only wonder what they are afraid of) to having the insurer’s agent actually hang up the phone on the C4HCO’s representative, while we were talking to them.


Can you imagine any of your own employees doing that? The subsequent request to actually talk to someone empowered (if there are any) was met with lies. “My boss is in a meeting and unavailable.” That’s not true.

So, we are launching out where we know how – in the content game, in social media and everywhere else we can go digitally. Because, people need to know.

Colorado wants to make this state attractive to new companies. Well, this would be a good place to start.

searchPatty Fontneau, maybe you are listening and actually can make a difference. Or, maybe you are enjoying the spoils of sitting atop an entire industry built on incompetence and just want to ride along. 

We shall see.

The cost to our business to have to wait on the phone forever and then talk to no one who is empowered to get results that will only require more phone calls is probably more than having just paid the healthcare bill directly. We are starting to think that the right insurance strategy is to get the minimums required by law and then just paying the bills yourself until you are big enough to start your own insurance captive.

Have any of you out there had any good experiences with C4HCO?

We are trying to figure out why these guys are in the picture and what value they bring to the consumer.

Surely, Hickenlooper is smarter than this, if he is trying to attract new startup activity to the region.


Lolly Wolly Doodle

Social Media, Content Marketing, ecommerce and virality. Facebook gone wild. What?

[dc]E[/dc]veryone is trying to figure out how to use Social Media to drive sales. Brandi Temple, CEO of Lolly Wolly Doodle, took a chance on Facebook with her then small community and took an even bigger chance on her real live community. Turns out it takes both to get off the ground and to keep going.

This is an incredible story of perseverance, compassion and following your call rather than a list of best practices.

 The real innovation is using social media as the starting point for a new e-commerce model that’s powered by a social feedback loop.  – Don Davis, co-founder of Revolution Loop

Here’s a link to the whole story found on Inc.

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