Content Analytics Are a Must

There is a big shift and trend towards new analytics tools coming out… and for good reason.

Content TrainingMarketers are constantly under pressure to prove their value. We find that many folks simply don’t really know what we do when it comes to generating a bunch of stuff that gets published on the Internet.

“Where does it go?”

“Why would you do that?”

“We don’t need social media.”

“It costs how much?”

Well, the game is changing. At Content and Blog, we have been working hard to hone the strategy component to our efforts. We keep working on a process that incorporates SEO, analytics and Social Media to really grow sales the most (and prove our value).

And, as a little FYI, we are loving the folks at CYFE. They make an awesome toolset that does a great job at creating CYFEdashboards for everything you can imagine. The support is amazing, and Deven Patel is the bomb in terms of leadership. Give the folks a shout, and let them know that C&B shared a little love their way.

Oh, today’s Content Marketing Training tip:

Using SERPs in combination with Google Adwords can really help you figure out what to write about. SERPs show you the rank of keywords that you are targeting. Which page does your stuff display in? SERP means “search engine results page”. Adwords allows you to drop in a keyword and see how much search activity is around that word. They also allow you to look at similar words that might be performing better.

For example, “Content Training” is in much higher demand than “Content Education”.

If we want visibility for Content University, we would be wise to write about “Training” rather than “Education” because more folks are looking for “Training”.

There is more to it by far, but this ought to get you thinking in the strategic direction.

Let us know if we can ever be of service to you.



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