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Content Training ProgramContent and Blog’s Mentor program gives you the best results to growing success in your content marketing programs.
We focus specifically on your issues, your company, your brand and the necessary programs to really see your business grow.

Demand generation, lead generation and improving the sales cycle are the core areas that are developed. And, we include our Write Better Stuff™ strategic approach to insuring that the right audience sees the right information at the right moment and then acts accordingly.

Every other week, we will meet with you one-on-one in a virtual setting. You will be provided material, templates and access to exclusive information reserved just for our Mentor students.

And, all of our instruction is based upon our years of practice in the field. None of our programs are theoretical. Everything we teach, we do.

Programs cover six month periods and can be renewed at any time.

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Ready to see leads come in the door? Do you need more awareness created for your products and services?

Content and Blog provides individual training and mentorship to companies who have folks on staff needing to grow and develop their content marketing efforts. We work through strategy, program development and ongoing measurement in a hand-holding atmosphere.