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One of the most common complaints we hear from clients and prospects is that their online efforts underperform or don’t perform at all.

There can be a multitude of reasons for this. And, content is often at the heart of the matter.

When it comes to digital performance, you are actually working for two audiences: the search engines and the human visitor. And, both parties have their respective agendas as to what will attract them. This is true for all types of online marketing assets.

For the search engines, we need to be relevant to what people are searching for online. Stylization, tag use, images, etc. are important. And, our content needs to be fresh, including quantity and quality. When you have only five seconds to make an impact you must be compelling or visitors to your site will click the “Back” button and move on. The balance of quality and quantity of content is essential for optimal results.

Technically, greatest digital success is achieved when the intersection of machine optimization and human optimization occurs.






At Content and Blog, we analyze your assets through both lenses. When writing email campaigns, articles, website copy, PPC ads, etc., we keep a consistent view on who you are speaking to and their criteria for moving forward with you. This has proven to be highly effective.

And, while we are not a website design, SEO or Social Media monitoring company, we have a solid understanding of how these work together.

Content, copy and other elements work hand in hand with your design.

Here is a list of our “doing” services. We also provide training, mentorship and education on Content Marketing.


Website Copy Edit/Review

How highly do you value words? On the web, the written word can make or break your visitor’s experience with you.

Yet, most web designers simply cut and paste the copy from the prior website’s structure because they are not writers. Or, they have the client write the copy from scratch. This works great because the client knows the product or service better than anyone. However, clients writing for themselves or cutting and pasting text does nothing for user experience, user conversion, performance or SEO because few know how to write digital copy for website performance and SEO effectiveness.

Content and Blog remedies this issue. We understand user experience (UX), performance variants and search engine keys to deliver high-performing content that sells and makes you famous.

Our website copy service evaluates and repositions the website’s copy for better effectiveness across the board.Content Marketing Education

Content and Blog will work with your existing keyword strategy to optimize your site so that it is friendlier to Google and other search engines. Secondly, we will rewrite the copy to better perform. The objective is to increase a visitor’s propensity to buy your service (increase conversions).


Ghost Blogging

Websites that blog see 55% more traffic. In an ideal world you publish on a daily basis. Many sites do not even publish on a monthly basis. Our ghost blogging program helps this. Our service is designed to augment blog efforts – not replace them. By partnering with the client in blogging, their integrity is intact and they have a helping hand in communicating with their visitors.

We develop the company’s persona and write from that voice. Program highlights include an initial program setup where we interview the owner to develop the persona, company direction, services mix and overall plan direction. From there, we research the market, competition and high-level keyword targets.

On a monthly basis, we conduct a new interview to gain the latest insight and content material. The editorial calendar is developed with articles published four times a month. Additional articles are available on a one-off basis.

Lead Nurturing & Engagement Campaigns

Autoresponding Email Series

Many websites have calls to action to entice the visitor into buying something. However, almost all websites do nothing to nurture the visitor who is not ready to buy now.

Content and Blog believes that we can extend our lead generation ROI simply by increasing the engagement of the tire-kicker. We accomplish this through email campaigns that are content-rich and highly-relevant to issues that all visitors, but especially the tire-kicker, will respond to.

We invite them to engage and receive invaluable insight and information found in the email series. Content is critical, and the issue must be compelling. All series start off with limited “sales” and increase in call to action as the series nears completion. You might say that the progression is 5% sales at the beginning and 95% sales at the end.

Email series vary from five to seven emails per campaign, and each campaign has a perpetual life as long as the subject matter remains relevant. You may develop multiple campaigns.

Landing Pages | Content and BlogLanding Pages, Calls to Action and Other Engagement Elements

We do a hard job of driving the right traffic to you. And, we make sure to publish the information that is in demand and of interest. But, what happens when the visitor hits your LinkedIn page, Facebook or Website? Content and Blog can really grow your engagement by implementing all kinds of calls to action that allows visitors to get further educated on what you do while creating a connecting point for further interaction.

If you are driving traffic to your online asset but not seeing conversions, give us a call!


Content and Blog Facebook Page

Social Media Profiles

Do you need a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or some other social media pages created?

Does your page effectively communicate your brand? Is there continuity flowing through your website and social profiles?

Content and Blog can help you build your social profile and increase your social equity.


LinkedIn Company + Key Exec Profile Services

With more and more folks “Google Stalking” key people in companies prior to engaging them in business, it is becoming increasingly more important to make sure that the corporate brand carries through to the proper social media channels, especially for your key execs.

Executive WebsitesFor businesses, this means LinkedIn. Today, LinkedIn has replaced corporate executive bios, resumes and CV’s as the means of looking up key individuals in companies. We find that investors, prospects, employers, business partners, etc. are “checking you out” before having that discussion.

Just look at your own profile views in LinkedIn to see for yourself.

To insure that your best foot is forward, Content and Blog has a special service tailored specifically around LinkedIn. The result is that when someone investigates your profile through Google and LinkedIn, you shine, and your company’s brand remains tops.

What we offer:

  • Create/Refine your company LinkedIn page and Showcase pages so that your message is clear and consistent and up to date with how you promote yourself online. We will also create/refine a showcase page for each product, service, vertical or other interest/specialty that you desire.
  • Create/Refine your top executives’ LinkedIn profiles. This includes interviewing each executive (electronically works great for those time-constrained) to help develop their profile content and tell his or her story professionally
  • Create personal, key executive websites. See an example at These template sites pull the LinkedIn profile data and spotlight your exec in a unique and compelling way. When your exec gets “Googled”, you now have a great way of presenting him.
  • Purchase our LinkedIn Profile Guide to use when creating future employee profiles. Insure that you have a consistent message, tone and persona developed for every employee that you help.

One-Off and Ongoing Visibility Programs

Whether it is a video script, case studies, monthly articles of interest, Landing Page text, PR copy, email newsletters or even a cover letter for an important contact, Content and Blog has services to set you apart from the crowd.

B2BNews Article by Content and Blog
Article Written by CAB with Content Published by B2BNews

We are get it done when it comes to building demand for your services and then translating that demand into leads that convert.

It is important to keep in touch with your market. There are many vehicles available – each with a specific intent and purpose. For example, newsletters will tell the world what is going on right now and can speak to critical and timely issues. Newsletters allow you to stay in front of people who have connected with you previously. Compare that to PR, which is a short, current article on developing events. This gets published to the world, independent of any prior relationship. We love PR for prospects, key industry players, known experts, consultants and other “movers and shakers”. Or, you could send targeted emails on a specific subject matter that keeps your market informed and engaged. As a final example, many companies embark on adwords (PPC) or other lead generation programs and need help crafting the copy for the ad or the landing page. Content and Blog is proven in developing copy that drives customer behavior and grows sales.

One success shows a California HVAC client spending less than $500 on a letter for an annual trade show. The goal was to get published because they wanted the PR factor. We reached that goal, and we also ended up getting two deals amounting to more than $15,000 in business – right at the show! This is copy that sells.

Another success involves getting an article that we wrote for our friends at PartnerTech, Inc. on Reshoring picked up by B2BNews Network. 

Content Mentoring

Website CopyritingOur Content Mentoring services provide for ongoing, monthly, hands-on content training. We will work with you in person, over the phone and/or over Google Hangouts/Skype to help you hone your strategic marketing skills. And, we will work with you each month to review your strategy and execution and serve as editor to your work. We help you stay on top of all of the content marketing techniques that makes you shine.

Our Content Mentoring programs are one on one, hands on training sessions where we work with you to personally develop your content vision, content plan and help guide you along the way as you roll out your efforts. Mentor programs cover a six-month period and are conducted online and over the phone.

Call us today at 720-334-7308 or email us at to talk about your specific content marketing needs.

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