Content University

Content Marketers, Listen Up!

We provide a number of programs for companies that have writers and content marketers on staff. And, they need to keep apprised of what is working and guidance on how to best make their own efforts excel.

Content Training Programs

Our Content Training programs are designed to be personal in nature. We work one-on-one or in small groups with our clients to help them be awesome at the content game.

All of our programs follow the same methodology that we deploy with our clients. We will spend time exploring the three pillars in Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Sales Cycle Improvement and how Content Marketing supports each. Then, we divide each pillar into categories like Strategy, Planning, Execution, Repurposing & Analytics to give you a great dissection and easy way to follow our instruction. At the end of the day, you will be better equipped to develop a strategic approach to growing your company’s business through Content Marketing excellence.

Your Options

The Village – for those looking to save a few dollars while still growing in their content marketing effectiveness, we recommend that you join The Village. This program brings together a small group of like-minded content marketers to participate in a bi-weekly meeting online, where we cover topical issues and provide for collaboration and guidance on what works, what doesn’t and what we should all be doing.

The Mentor – If you want to see the greatest results, The Mentor program is for you. These programs provide one-on-one hand holding to walk you through the entire content marketing game – from strategy through engagement. We will help you architect a program that builds awareness and demand for your products and converts that demand to sales. And, our programs can be completely customized to fit your needs and topical interests. If you have solid plan and just want some simple guidance along the way, we can still help.

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