Content University Announced

Companies are hiring content marketers. Yes!

[dc]A[/dc]s you will find in the content of our own website, we are observing some trends and feel a great opportunity help the market.

graduation colo 2For a while now, Google has pressed content as a big deal when it comes to ranking. We look at content as the critical component to visibility and lead generation. But, a new problem is emerging. Many companies are not seeing content marketing as a strategic play. So, they are hiring more tactically and putting pressure on their employees to perform. We find this evident in many of the prospective clients that contact us for help.

This tells us that top leadership needs help in formulating content programs that match the business and marketing strategy.

To that end, Content and Blog is launching its Content University.

We are providing subscription and mentoring services to help companies who have content folks on board. We will assist with with strategy, content program development, writing with effectiveness and other critical programs on a monthly/subscription basis.

So, watch out for the programs to go live, and sign up!

And, if you want to offer up any comments or suggestions on areas where you feel you need help, we are all ears.