Copy That Sells

We are asked to do a lot of different kinds of work for our clients. And, we love to write. But, it’s pure sweetness when it sells, and we get to hear about it.

Sonoma Home Show SuccessIt is our goal to go way beyond our client’s expectations. And, we hope to do it every single time. Moore HVAC was an awesome client. They are on a super-fast track to success. In less than 24 months, they have become a thorn in the side of the Goliath that owns the territory in Sonoma County for heating and air.

Participating in the largest annual home show in the area presented a new challenge. How could Moore generate awareness at a major level with so much competition? Being published in the Sonoma County Home Show journal would really help bring visibility and prestige to the organization. But, there were many applicants wanting to do the same thing.

At the end of the day, the content we created got them published, but we also got two sales for them. Now that is leverage.

Here is what Jon Diamond, owner of Moore HVAC had to say:

[quote author=”Jon Diamond, Owner Moore HVAC”]

The Sonoma Trade Show is the biggest in the region for the entire year. It is a major deal to make a big splash at this event. This year, we came up with the goal of getting published in the show’s magazine. The impact can be a big deal.

And for us, it was. We ended up bringing in two clients – one right there on the show floor. The total amount was more than $15,000. The ROI was in the thousands of percent. Amazing work.

We give all of our thanks to Laura and their content team.