Most Effective Content Marketing

[dc]W[/dc]e often talk with companies about techniques to help them generate leads. Everyone wants more.

The discussion almost always leads to content marketing. It is funny that most folks today still do not realize how much Google weighs your content and whether it is getting seen by folks across the Internet. The good is that you can generate a ton of leads from small, micro events that do not take a ton of time or money. But, they do need to be effective.

Youtube videos can gain access to page one rank in a short timeframe as compared to trying to get the entire website there. The same is true for blogging. And, with all of the changes that Google has made, it has gotten increasingly harder to see what keywords people are finding you through.

And, your strategy can vary by region.

Content marketing in Denver is quite a bit different from New York City, if that is where your audience is.

What’s the point?

Develop material that is being sought out – by your audience. Be specific. Write about tight issues. Blog a lot. Then, blog some more. If you dont know how to write to gain visibility, hire someone to do it for you. We say it all of the time. Just because you can write doesnt mean that you can write and show up on page one in Google.

And, as a little secret…

Google Webmaster will give you some insight as to what words and phrases people are finding you with. You can see from the sample image that the term “online marketing objectives” has been shown 64 times. And, it has a 23% click through rate (CTR). That’s insane. We dont see near that in paid search or other programs.

content-marketing1So, the key is to write specifically. And, write often. People will find your content on the Internet and click through to you. As you publish more and more articles, it just gives you a wider footprint from which to be seen. It really is simple math. But, it takes time, and most folks do not have enough of it.

Google Webmaster has other great data for you to see. You can drill into each page that is generating clicks. Our own look showed that blog posts took two of the top three slots. Our homepage was the other. Interesting indeed.

Before you make the claim that you dont need to blog, consider the vastness of the Internet and how much content gets searched out.

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It’s amazingly powerful.

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