Case Study: Evver Goes Viral in 4 Months

B2C, social video sharing, Evver was an early-stage startup needing to make its name known.

Three engineers started the company. You know how those guys are – lots of moving parts and big emphasis on the widget. And, that is awesome. But, you need a brand, and you need to get the word out. That is a challenge that all technically-founded companies seem to face.

This company has cool technology that allows you upload all of those pics you take and make videos for sharing with your friends. They even sync the video to music. Nice.

But, when we first saw their site, you had no clue as to what they did or even what one of their videos looked like. They had a design that actually hid the video unless you knew to click on the homepage. And, there was no integration with social media. User growth was a key metric, so a change was needed.

When it came time for a new website, Content and Blog was brought in to partner with Innovado (they rock the creative). We helped steer the design direction with a big focus on the audience and conversion. Getting users to sign up is one of the key metrics for this company’s success.

Content and Blog also authored all of the copy on the site and even helped architect the famous T’s and C’s. And, we gave them a new tag line. Now, Evver has a brand, and people are taking note.

Take a look at the before and after below. We managed to grab a screen shot of an iteration that came from our suggestion of making the video known and showing the social links. It helped lift conversions in a big way, as you might expect.

One other note, at our request, Evver does a great job of keeping their site fresh with new homepage images that change with the seasons. This keeps Evver relevant and exciting.



Evver's First Website

Newly Launched Website

Content and Blog Writes Copy for Evver's New Website

Interior Page Copywriting for Evver

Content and Blog Writes Website Copy

Content Marketing Leads Web Design

Effective Web Copy to Drive Partnerships

The big takeaway?

When you can partner together great writers with great designers, your website will amaze.