One Big Idea to Build Facebook Reach

Organic reach is down on Facebook.


And, Facebook recently implemented changes making it so that a Facebook page is docked for posting anything promotional.

Docked how? How can they tell? What?!?

Think about your personal Facebook page. You like different pages, which give you updates. But, with so many pages out there, Facebook uses algorithms to determine what gets shown to you. On a given day, it’s something like 15,000 posts that a person could see, and everyone is trying to make sure theirs is shown.

Since these changes, Facebook looks at your wording to determine whether your post is promotional. If so, their algorithms are less likely to put you in a given person’s news feed.

Well that’s certainly annoying! Why would they do that?

The reason Facebook made these changes is because they have to put their users first. People were complaining about too much promotional material from brands on Facebook so Facebook responded to keep the user experience high (in their eyes).

The thing you can do to get around all of this – the thing Facebook is encouraging – is to use Facebook Ads. It isn’t anyone’s favorite idea to start spending money on something you used to get for free, but the tools are now so robust and diverse that it will likely be more effective for you than direct mail or other outbound tools. You can profile down to a pretty concise set of criteria – even people who once clicked on an ad, went to your site and didn’t buy.

Okay, okay! How do the ads work?

Social Media ExcellenceWell, you can click the boost post button, which you may have tried, but Facebook offers many other, better options as well. Scary as it may be, they track just about everything about a person. Any information you’ve given to them can be used for advertising. You can target ads based on city, state, country, age, gender, pages they like, and more. 

And if you’re looking to talk about your company for free, post pictures; humanize your company! My most successful clients do a first draft of 2 posts per week, where they supply images and a description. We turn it into a post.

Remember: Top of Newsfeed = Top of Mind.

This article is a guest post by Scott Lee, President of PixelSpark Digital, a social media agency that does some pretty amazing work with Facebook advertising and getting businesses known. If you want to discuss more on Facebook advertising like how much to spend for your particular situation, etc., you can give Scott a call at 303-916-9449 or go here for their website.

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