Facebook Calls to Action

In case you didn’t know it, Facebook is now letting you add Calls to Action (CTA’s) to your page.

This is great! Our only suggestion is to allow us to add the text to the CTA button rather than select from their list of a few titles.

Other than that, it is good to add a little engagement to your page.

We set one up to describe our subscription services. The button takes you to a landing page that gives much more detail on what the subscription programs can do for you. And, we tie Google Analytics to the landing page to track our metrics.

All said, it is a great step forward.

And, if you want a more intense version of a Facebook CTA, check out our app that allows you to download a free white paper on Digital Marketing Data. 

Facebook is getting in the game!

Here’s what our Facebook app looks like:

Clicking the Yellow Download button asks the person for their email and sends them the PDF right to their inbox.

Give us a shout today at 720-334-7308, and we will help you design engagement programs to drive more sales.

You can also go here to learn about our subscription programs to train you on content marketing.