Google’s Mobile Algorithm Change and Fixing URL Structures

Google is making another change to their search results.

Content Marketing ServicesAre you mobile-friendly? Google is changing the algorithm to make sure you are.

The title of your website is now going to display in search instead of the domain name. And, they will use your URL structure as breadcrumbs.

What does this mean?

For starters, if your site name is called something like “Home”, imagine what Google will do with that. On the flip side, this does give you some opportunity. Some folks have acronyms or other funky domain names that don’t render well in search. Now, you will be able to show the title of the site in search. “Content Marketing Services” could conceptually be used as our site title, for example. Google allows you use structured data to setup what name you want displayed in search results.

Why is this important? Your page title might be able to gain you more clicks. Think of all of the possibilities.

The issue of breadcrumbs can also influence clicks. For those of you who use rather bizarre URL structures, this will now be displayed in Google’s search results.

So,!fs-0093 would render a mess. It would show up “Content and Blog > addknree-3&02!fs-0093”.

But, would render “Content and Blog > Services > LeadGeneration”, which would display much cleaner.

Which of those two would you click on?

The application?

When making blog posts, make sure to use URL structures that are intuitive to the eye.

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