Creating LinkedIn Engagement

Laura Stein of Content and Blog LInkedin ProfileIs there a way to create engagement on LinkedIn that goes beyond just posting updates?

We have seen folks trying to create noise and grow their following base by posting or repurposing content all over the place, especially on LinkedIn. Hey, we do it! Good content will travel. So, no harm there. But, sometimes, it’s just broadcasting to the crowd.

So, we are working on creating better engagement on the profile itself. How can we get the person to seek more interaction with us outside of the social platform? Can I get them to subscribe to one of my amazing lists, where we share the world’s secrets on how we make their lives super easy?

You bet!

We have been working on some programs that allow people in our communities to tap into our knowledge outside of the post thread in LinkedIn. What we have learned is that the business community is interested in real information that has value. People love quick downloads with amazing facts and figures or infographics that they can use in presentations, etc. This stuff is magnetic. But, can we actually create engagement inside of our LinkedIn profile? Yes, you can. 

This program entails a couple of elements:

  1. A Hot Topic
  2. Landing Pages or Other Lead Magnet Tool
  3. Infographic or Other Cool Download
  4. MailChimp or Other Email Platform
  5. LinkedIn’s media upload link

What we do is create a great download. It has to be something of value and interest. Infographics work really well. Then, we create a two-step interaction process that asks the person to enter his email address in exchange for the download. Once they enter their first name and email addy, the system automatically adds them to our MailChimp account and emails them the download directly to their inbox. We like this process because they can save it and view it later on. And, we will remarket to them when new downloads become available. They can opt out at any time.

We use LeadPages for our landing pages and email opt-ins. It is a great tool and can be found here. Note, this is our affiliate link, so please click it, if you want to learn more on them. We get credit for the love and are grateful.

The application? 

Generate your call to action, and embed it in your summary section on your LinkedIn profile. It is nice and shiny and just speaks to action. People can click it and walk through the process of getting more goodies from you.

Secondly, you can also display these as images, links, buttons, etc. If you create the link, you can then embed that into your posts and use them on your Company page and Showcase Pages as you post information that correlates to the download. These create further engagement.

In fact, if you start publishing really great blog posts or other content, you could then repurpose your own post content onto LinkedIn and add a CTA link to it that allows folks to engage you for the long haul.

Give it a try, and let us know if you have any questions.

If you want to see one for yourself, check out Laura’s Summary section on her LinkedIn profile.



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