Case Study: Mike Wittenstein Moves $1.5 Billion

Mike Wittenstein has been an international consultant and speaker for many years. Having worked with dozens of Fortune 2000 companies and brands that we all know and love, Mike knows a thing or two about customer experience design.

But, Mike’s brand needed a new look. And, he needed to bring the world up to date on the amazing things that he has done for the market. The website design was getting old, lead nurture and generation programs were missing, and his reach needed a bigger net.

Content and Blog was brought in to help with the website copy. However, we also took a strategic position in the design stage. Ideally, any company working on a new website should look at the audience first, then the message, then the content necessary to carry the message forward and finally the design. Content drives design. Often, design or dev shops will build a site and have the copy just get put into the real estate that is available.

That is backwards.

Always start the website design with the message. Always.

Mike was on top of this and allowed us to work with his amazing design and development teams. They did a great job, as you can see for yourself.

Now, moving $1.5b in revenue seems a whole lot more believable because the brand is consistent. And, what is going to make you click through: service widget talk or the fact that $1.5b was moved?

Next, we turn our sights to helping Mike further his reach through social media and ongoing content marketing programs.

Before before Content and Blog helped



Mike Wittenstein after Content and Blog Helped


[quote author=”Mike Wittenstein”]

“Laura re-strategized the content for a new site to be more appealing to event and meeting planners. Her care and concern of message, tone, search indexing, and authenticity shine through in the writing. She has the ability to synthesize lots of information quickly, bring structure to it, then add style (but not HER style, YOUR style). She’s a gifted writer and now a colleague I hope to work with many times in the future.

Two thumbs up!”


Some of the other work we did for Mike

Facebook, Linkedin and other social media profile creation


Mike Wittenstein Facebook Page by Content and Blog


Mike Wittenstein LinkedIn Profile by Content and Blog



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