Mistake Proof Your Post

What do you do when you finally hit the publish button only to realize later that your proof reading skills were a little off that day?

I say own it. While we strive for perfection sometimes we miss the mark. The image below is from our last blog post and it clearly has a typo. Did you see it?



It is easy to see all of the typos in writing by others but it is pretty common to miss your own mistakes. We certainly didn’t mean to publish this with the typo, but it presents the perfect opportunity to share some tips on how to avoid this situation.

  • Give it a break. When you are passionate about what you are writing, you will often see what you think you wrote versus what is really there. For me, I usually need 24 hours away from my copy in order to see what I really wrote. I will sometimes try and do the backward reading trick, you know, where you read the copy from the end to the beginning. In the case of this typo, that wouldn’t work because “are” is a word, just not the word that was supposed to be there.
  • Enlist an editor. This is the best option even if the person reading it doesn’t have subject matter expertise. In fact that can be even better. We tend to be more focused if we are unfamiliar with the subject.
  • Run it through Hemingway. I will use this online tool to see if my copy is too fluffy and to check for typos.
  • I haven’t used it yet, but I hear that Grammarly is a great tool as well.

Of course none of this works unless you actually do it, as I have proven.