One Big Email Marketing Secret

Email Marketing Conversion is impacted by your template design.

Sounds kind of obvious doesn’t it?

But, it’s true. The artist wants to create something that catches the eye and makes you gaze. The analyst wants all kinds of embeds and integration.

But, the reader wants something of value.

Sometimes, a straight text email is all that you need to get to the top of your audience’s mind. Seth Godin is a master of this. His email subscription is always plain text. Every now and then, you get a few links. But, that’s it.

And, it always makes its way into my inbox.

The emails that look like you spent a million dollars in design with lots of images, calls to action, etc. tend to end up in my junk mail, even when I have said “yes”.

The point is to really track what is going on with your email campaigns and consider that less might be more, when it comes to conversions.

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