RockPile Energy Services | Content Case Study

“It is not just content. It is a strategy.”

Readers aren’t just learning about our achievements. They are learning about industry innovations, industry challenges and what we believe in. Content and Blog drafted the vision of what this company needed to propel forward.

RockPile Energy Services Uses Content and BlogTo a certain extent, all industries can discuss and brag in a similar fashion because that is human nature – not an industry specific trait.  However, how you go about doing it and what tools you exercise in the process is what will make you successful.  So, what exactly did we do?

What follows below briefly describes what happened and the immediate outcomes from the work.

Part I – The Audience, Message and Website

  1. We reviewed what the company was trying to do (this was not well defined until we came in).  Their main goals were to recruit and make the website look new and fashionable. They really created their website as an HR tool more than anything else. Stated, “We gave little consideration to the impact that a site would have on our market. But, once we got engagement, we quickly found that our website has a far-reaching impact on our brand.”
  2. One of the first things that C&B did was to reword the website copy to focus on their true audience and the behavior we wanted to see happen.  We focused the copy around Innovation and Quality, speaking directly to RockPile’s clients and creating separation from all of the other energy companies out there.

What happened:

  • We drew out an audience that even the company didn’t think they had online.
  • Changed the mindset that “People don’t usually shop online for the services we offer”. They found that they were.
  • They started receiving calls and requests for proposals like never before.

Part 2 – Make Some Noise!

  1. Blogging helped with SEO, website traffic and social media support.  They went from 2,000 unique visitors a month to over 6,000 in the same five months.  Turns out people love hearing from RPES.  Content and Blog creates around 10 blog posts a month.
  2. Repeated, “we started a blog.”  I know this sounds simple to many, but it felt like an extremely big undertaking to them, Content and Blog made it seamless and writes their posts for RockPile – but as RockPile.
  3. We updated and rewrote LinkedIn profiles for key individuals. Google analytics helped us define who these individuals were based on website traffic so we made sure they had their best foot (and face) forward.
  4. C&B created executive websites for key players at the company and in the SEO world.  If an employee were being searched, we created a flashy page people could land on.
  5. We researched what clients and the public wanted to hear about by attending open forums, startup groups and chamber of commerce groups.  All of this was blogged about and added to marketing and sales material.  Transparency started to move to the front of the strategy. If people are interested why not tell them?
  6. RPES restructured their careers strategy by including blogs about what they do as a company and repurposing all of that content to their social media sites.
    • Recruiting traffic increased dramatically.   The best part of the increase was that it was coming from other employees and word of mouth.  They were no longer relying on headhunters to get employees, they were coming because they were interested and had heard great things about the company. This reduced employee acquisition costs dramatically.
  7. A video was born.  RockPile didn’t know when it would be appropriate to incorporate a video, but they knew that they needed one. After all, Youtube is the biggest search engine. Through the content that was being produced and dovetailing that with their sales strategy, Content and Blog drafted the script, and the video was made.
    • It was a huge hit – even the employees wanted to watch the Sales video.  It had over 200 views in the first week it was published to the website page, and traffic keeps growing.
  8. We established processes to insure that all channels were working together. One of the first was to create a monthly editorial calendar to make sure RPES had a variety of coordinated content publishing around the hot issues.  This was huge for all departments. Everyone within the company could know what was on deck to be published, where it fit within their strategy and most importantly, the legal team could approve it, if needed.  Content and Blog gave the marketing department the tools to be successful throughout the other departments and made the company more comfortable with the program.  It was a huge selling point. Bigger organizations just have more hoops to jump through, and process helps make it happen.
  9. The Social Media strategy developed through the programs listed above.  Although Content and Blog doesn’t execute on all the social media content, we like to be instrumental in the strategy formation.  We introduced RPES to another company to assist us when we ramped up the social media program, which has been great.
    • “Content and Blog knew what they could do to assist our strategy and when it was time to bring in other “experts”.  We aren’t experts at everything nor should we be, so knowing when your client needs additional support is huge.  Our social media team collaborates with Content and Blog regularly, and the strategy is extremely consistent and effective.  We could not be happier.” K. Croll, Marketing Lead at RPES
    • Their social media traffic increased from 100 likes to 950 likes in just five months. LinkedIn had the same great results.

Part 3 – Their Unexpected Results

  • Huge spike in employee engagement. Culture was being impacted, and the team was coming closer together.
  • Prospects started calling them. They don’t have a formal call to action on our website, but the video and verbiage below it both state to call us.  This was a very new concept and it worked.
  • Their headhunter fees decreased substantially.
  • There was an increase in executive engagement for the marketing process.  They really want to know what folks are doing and how it is working.

“Our company genuinely loves working with Content and Blog and has benefitted well beyond what we even knew to be possible. Please contact Content and Blog if you would like to hear more about our personal story or talk to us directly.”

RockPile Energy Services