The Big Trend in Content Marketing

[dc]I[/dc]t seems that we have been fortunate to stay a step ahead of what is going on in the content world as it applies to visibility and how Google plays with our stuff.

We have been pondering what “Contextually Shared Content” means. Most folks don’t even know what that means. From our myopic view of things, Google ranks our online stuff favorably when we fit into “what the searcher MEANT TO search for”. This is contextually relevant.

So, how do you know what they meant to search for? Certainly, the Click Through Rate on searches determines a heavy part of your rank. And, Google knows just what the folks search for on every search made. But, we aren’t Google.panda-151605_150

Well, we believe that there is a new storm brewing that will take the concept of contextual relevancy and make it simple. We call it “Community”.

When you match the content creator with the content consumer in such a way that draws in everyone who has interest in the space, you have opportunity to build community – even with those who may not directly consume what you publish. This may be saying little. It may be saying a lot. And, it goes way beyond personas, motivation, etc. We are talking about feeding the storm of interest and connecting people to people who share similar interests.

If you intentionally publish your content with the idea of being the connecting point in your specific community, you will find that it gets shared on its own because it is what people are talking, thinking, praying and living about.

Think about that as you put together your editorial calendar.

Connect the dots.