Video Helps You Reach the Top of Mount Google

Still trying to Reach Page One on Google? What Business Isn’t?

Try leveraging YouTube. 

We haven’t found a business yet who wouldn’t like to get more lead activity and see its brand better known. But, there is no doubt that folks won’t click through to page two when doing a search. You just have to reach page one.

For its own part, Content and Blog has been targeting “content marketing training”, “content education” and other keywords around helping marketers get better at doing their work. In a few weeks, we managed to get ourselves to page two, but that simply is not good enough to get leads. We launched a number of campaigns and continue to publish information on how to generate more leads, get more conversions and engage the audience. And, we want to teach others how to do it as well.

It was time to expand the efforts, and video is the next playground.

Specifically, we are targeting YouTube because it is the biggest search engine out there. Yes, it is bigger than Google (even though Google owns YouTube).

We have seen amazing results with video as an SEO and Content weapon. Last year, Content and Blog wrote the video script for Nehemiah Ventures, a Christian business incubator that is starting up. Today, you can Google “Christian Incubator”, and Nehemiah owns page one, usually at the very top. The only marketing that they have done is to create a video and put it on YouTube.

But, it is Content and Blog’s turn.

So, away we go. We developed our script to keep the video under two minutes. Actually, it came in at 1.5 minutes, which is about perfect. Then, we published the video on YouTube, Vimeo and our blog. And, we embedded it on our services page. We are dropping it into our mailing campaigns and will track the SEO results on the video to see what results we are getting.

Naturally, we hope for something similar to Nehemiah Ventures, but our expectation is that we will have to develop a series of videos of high value to really make an impact.

So, Google “Content Marketing Training” every now and then, and see how we are doing.

And, if you need help in communicating what you do, video lets you say a lot of stuff in short order.

Here is what we have running currently on YouTube. We embedded the same video on our Services page to help explain our work.