Why Buyers Engage Deeper Into the B2B Sales Cycle

Content Marketing can give you a massive sales edge on the competition.

If you are in B2B sales, pay attention.

We have been talking about how people research the Internet before engaging companies in the buying process. Well, this is cool, and it is fun to see mathematical validation come out on something you know to be true. The folks at TrackMaven did a presentation just recently and were quoting all kinds of stats on content marketing.

A big one: “B2B companies are 57% of the way through the buying process by the time that they engage with a sales rep.” This came from CEB’s “The End of Solution Sales.” http://bit.ly/1vNheBv

We did not know it was that far down the road. This is telling.

The relevance?

We will let TrackMaven say it:

“This finding begs the question: how does your digital presence and website content compare to that of your competitors? If a brand’s content marketing does not effectively engage the buyer and influence their purchase decision quickly, then customers are likely to eliminate that brand from consideration early in the buying process.”

The entire study is attached. Download it hereContent-Marketing-Paradox.

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